Friday, 24 September 2010

For my rainbow child

I pray that your life will be red.

That you will feel the warmth of the sun even on the darkest days because you will know you are loved.

That the heat of the love in which you’re enveloped will radiate out to those you meet.

That you will be cosseted against the storms as if wrapped in a duvet of the softest down.

That your heart – even though it may break – will never grow cold but will stay forever warm.

I pray that your life will be green.

That each day will be a fresh adventure for you.

That the world in all its aspects, from the smallest ant on a stone to huge breakers crashing on the shore, will never cease to be new and amazing to you.

That every morning for you will be the first day of spring.

I pray that your life will be purple.

That you will know passion that stretches and burns and aches and reaches for more.

That your heart will never be accepting of things that need to change.

That your spirit will rise to the challenges to be found by those who seek them.

That your soul will find fulfilment in the everyday, the ordinary.

That the ordinary will, to you and through you and with you, be extraordinary.

I pray that your life will be yellow.

That each day will be laughterday.

That you will find smiles in the small things, giggles in the silly and laughter in the foolish.

That your footprints will be inlaid with love and laughter so that whoever walks in them will feel better for having passed that way.

I pray that your life will be blue.

That you will know peace, the serenity of one who is loved.

That the reassurance that comes from that knowledge will allow you to love the unlovely.

That days of excitement will mingle easily with days of calm, when you return to the shelter of unconditional love to find waters to refresh your body, your heart and your spirit.

I pray that your life will be orange.

That your future will be brighter than you have ever dreamed.

That you’ll dare to dream ever bigger dreams, knowing that God is in them.

And with your hand in his I pray that you’ll stand on top of mountains and shout: I am loved.

For as sure as the rainbow is God’s promise to us so is the certainty that you are loved.

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