Sunday, 20 November 2011

For my little almost-English boy

May you grow strong in body and mind.
May you abound in energy and enthusiasm.
May you sleep at peace with the world and may your dreams be limited only by your imagination.
May you stretch out your hand and reach for the trees and the sky, for rainbows and shooting stars.
May you walk the path God has laid before you, your eyes fixed on him.

May you relish challenge and find the strength and resources to face difficulties, resolve dilemmas and may you come through smiling and in good spirit.
May you see the miraculous in the mundane, wonder in the workaday.
May you seek truth, the truth that frees and enriches.

May your heart be for others; may you be an instrument for change.
May you experience passion and peace.
May you know the exhilaration of success and the refreshing of solitude.
May you have friends who support, love and admonish you.
May laughter be always near your eyes and a loving heart your constant companion.

And know this:
Wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
You are loved without condition
By your mum and dad,
And by your grandparents.
But great as our love for you is
It is nothing in comparison to the love the King of the universe has for you.
May you become the man God has created you to be, a man fulfilled, who knows what true wealth is and who can consider himself the richest man in the world.